Hyundai WIA LM2500 TTSY. Bar Feeder – Unloader. Year 2016.


CNC Turning Centre, 2 opposite spindles, 2 turrets with live tooling.

Make                                                                                             Hyundai

Type                                                                                 WIA 2500TTSY

Year                                                                                            2016

Control                                                                                  Fanuc 31i        

                                                                  With Manual Guide i dialog software


Swing over cross slide                                                           700 mm

Max. turning length                                                               920 mm

Max. turning diameter upper turret                                   390 mm

Max. turning diameter lower turret                                   300 mm


Travel upper turret

X-axis                                                                                    270 mm

Z-axis                                                                                    920 mm

Y-axis                                                        +/- 60 mm        120 mm

Travel lower turret

X-axis                                                                                    190 mm

Z-axis                                                                                    920 mm

C-axis  , both spindles                                                       360,000 degrees


Rapid                                                      X                          24 m/min.

Z                          24 m/min.

Motors                                                     X [ 2x ]                 2 kW

Z [ 2x ]                 4 kW


Lefthand Spindle – Richthand Spindle.
Spindle diameters at front bearing                                    120 mm
Type spindle noses                                                               JIS A2-8″
Capacity for Shaft Through Spindle L&R                        76 mm
Power Spindle Motors, Fanuc built in type                     26/15 kW
Spindle speeds                                                                      4.000 rpm


Type tooling                                                                           BMT-65P

Number of positions                                                             12

OD tooling                                                                              25 x 25 mm

ID tooling                                                                               50 mm

Index time per position                                                        0,2 sec.

Index time one rev.                                                               0.6 sec.
Driven tool positions both turrets                                      12

Milling spindles, all 12 positions both turrets                 5,5 kW

Speed driven tools, max                                                       4.000 rpm


Floor space machine only                                                  3.670 x 2.170 mm

High                                                                                       2.601 mm

Weight                                                                                   11.000 kg

Connecting power                                                               400 V – 50Hz

70 kVA

Standard and extra equipment with this machine.

Left spindle hydraulic power chuck diameter 254 mm,

with open cylinder, bar capacity 76 mm                               Kitagawa / B-210
Richt spindle hydraulic power chuck diameter 254 mm
with open cylinder, bar capacity 76 mm                               Kitagawa / B-210
Automatic measuring system Renishaw for tools touch setter.

Auto door, completely closed cover for machining area

LNS Quickload Servo III Barfeeder

Chip conveyor disposal to right side.

Unloader through right side spindle, unloading on platform.

Extra parts ejector for right spindle

Parts catcher for both spindles with conveyer band in front of the machine.

Tool load monitoring helical interpolation for thread cutting.

Robot interface

Auto power off

High pressure coolant system 30 bar

Kemtech coolant system

Oil skimmer. Capacity 420l/hour

Enviro dust- air cleaner

Tool holding.

Eppinger driven holders axial                 pc.                       2

Eppinger driven holders radiial              pc.                      2

Single OD holder                                       pc.                       6

Double OD holder                                     pc.                       6

Facing holder                                            pc.                       2

Cutting off holder                                     pc.                       1

Reducing sleeves                                      pc.                      14

Collets ER 32                                                                      set

Lots of collets, Weldon adapters milling adapters.


Price                                                                                        On request.
Condition                                                                                Perfect.


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