Okuma LB 3000-MYC 950


LB 3000 MYC

Manufacturer                                                                                 Okuma
Type                                                                                               LB3000-MYC
Year                                                                                                2012
CNC Control                                                                                  OSP P200L-G IGF

Swing over the bed                                                                         580 mm
Swing over the slide                                                                       470 mm
Turning length                                                                                 1 000 mm

Carriage and cross slide.
Travel                                X                                                           260 mm
Z                                                           1.010 mm
Rapid                                 X                                                           25 m/min.
Z                                                           30 m/min.

Y                                                           12.5 m/min.
Turret                                 positions                                               12,  M-V12 NC turret
Tool size OD                                                                               25 x 25 mm.
Tool size ID                   diameter                                               40  mm.

Rotation                        sec/index                                              0,1

Milling tool

Spindle speed                    rpm                                                       45 – 6.000
Speed ranges                    coil switching                                        2

Main spindle.
Spindle diameter at front bearing                                                   140 mm
Spindle nose                                                                                   A2 8
Hole through spindle         mm                                                       91

Spindle power                   kW                                                        30
Speed ranges                    coil switching                                        2

Spindle speed                    rpm                                                       42 – 4.200

Torque                               Nm                                                        700

Kitagawa  BB210 A8         dia [mm]                                               254 mm

With hard jaws

Open cylinder and drawtube with boring                                        81 mm

Machine weight                                                                               6.900 kg
Size                                    l x b                                                       4.400 x 2.040 mm

Chip conveyor                                                                                ENOMOTO
High type, disposal at                                                                     1.200 mm

High pressure coolant pump                                                          8 bar

Touch setter

CE marking

OSP Functions

Spindle orientation

Circulair trading

Profile generation

Tool life management

Tool wear compensation

Inch – metric switchable

Cycle time calculation

NC work counter

NC work monitor

Load monitor



Thermal compensation L2

New operation panel

NC Tailstock

NC Tailstock torque control

M-Axis orientation

Plane conversion

One Touch IGF Advanced

Plane conversion

Profile generation

Synchro. Tapping

NC torque limit

LAP 4, Nose-R comp., auto chamfering,

Arc treading

Help function, program. Help function

Pitch error comp. , Turret position compensation

Condition: very good running condition.